CMAPP is a unified procurement platform developed by AP MARKFED for the comprehensive monitoring of agricultural crop prices across all locations in the state of Andhra Pradesh. The application is intended to be used by all the Departments and State level and National level Nodal agencies) such as Department of Agriculture
Marketing, AP OILFED, APSCSCL & NAFED,FCI & CCI, engaged in the MSP
procurement of various agricultural commodities. CMAPP helps authorities in effective decision making by providing analysis reports of daily price trends throughout the state. These prices are collected each day at the Rythu Bharosa Kendram(RBK) at Village Secretariat level by Village Agricultural Assistant (VAA), and
therefore, provide a high level of detail. This mechanism ensures that the authorities can take timely interventions based on localised information. In essence, the CMAPP is an end-to-end software solution covering the entire procurement process, with an
online Dashboard and MIS monitoring system with real- time data. CMAPP, is a digitized, inclusive, and transparent software platform developed by AP MARKFED.

    • Government declared “CM APP” as an official application for all the procurement operations in AP handled by MARKFED, OILFED, Agriculture Marketing Department, NAFED, FCI & CCI, engaged in the MSP procurement Operations vide GORt No. 863 Dt 24-12-2020 of A&C Department.
    CM APP is the only app in the country that monitors end to end market intervention starting from price information and ending with farmers/vendor payments The various modules in the advanced version of the CMAPP are as below

VAA Commodity price Reporting
Farmer registration and scheduling
Procurement -Non perishables
Dispatch /Transportation
Third-party audit
10. MIS reports & Dashboard
11. Online Payments to farmers and vendors

VAA gives the everyday information on local market pricese system detects prices that are below MSP crop/district wise Commissioner marketing alerts Joint Collector on the prices below MSP JC alerts his subordinates and enquires about the field situation Based on his report, Commissioner Marketing asks the concerned State level nodal procurement agency to do market intervention/procurement If it is market intervention, it is done through an e-marketing platform If it is procurement, then orders are issued through CM APP Once the order of procurement is issued, JC finalizes agencies and the procurment centres in the district at the RBK level. Procurement center agency will be PACS / DCMS/ FPO/VO etc After this, SMS goes to the VAA stating that JC has issued orders for procurement Registration of farmers through VAA / VHA at RBK Establishment of Procurement Center at all Villages /RBK’s where there is considerable crop area Procurement center agency can set up three to five (3 to 5 ) main centers Each Main Procurement Center can set up two or three (2/3) sub-Centers at village / RBK’s where crop production is low) The farmer receives SMS about the Procurement centre & the dateA farmer arrives at the Procurement centre and Assaying (Quality check) e-bill Generation & SMS to the farmer Transportation –Truck Sheet generation truck arrives at Warehouse Assaying by Surveyor (Quality check) at Warehouse Stock Acknowledgment by Warehouse Manager DM recommends for payment Farmers/Gunnies/Transport/ Unloading for stock Ack HO –Processes & pays Farmers/Gunnies/Transport/ Unloading as per DM recommendation Farmer/Vendor receives SMS about Payment.


CMAPP Farmer Payment Status Mobile App

The Know status of the payment for the produce sold on MSP To know about the latest MSP announced by Govt of India and the State of Andhra Pradesh Commissioner marketing alerts Joint Collector on the prices below MSP To know about the nearby MSP Procurement centre and their contact details. To raise any queries/grievances regarding the MSP Procurement. Link with the farmers all centers 1907 and 1555251 Application for Officers to make MSP related announcements. Resolve the issues/grievances at the earliest possible time.